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What are you up to dear?


Ready and eager to take the next step in life and/or business and wonder how to do go about? Got so many questions, butterflies in your stomach and a pounding heart?  Desire some support to sort it out and make things happen? If you are a Yes to that, it sounds like you are ready for a Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session with me. 

Or fancy some holistic wellness deep dive, pampering and inner growth? To de-stress and exhale and bring some longed for extra energy in to your system and being? Willing to get to know yourself better and polish that inner diamond of yours? While allowing energy tools to deepen that exploration and transformation of yours? Yes? Then an Energy Transformation VIP day or Session or maybe an AromaTouch Technique Massage Session seems to have your name written on it.  

I've got you covered. If you feel called to work with me I have some suggestions for you here:

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1. Rich soul glow Discovery session

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2. Energy transformation sessions

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3. aromatouch Technique massage sessions



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Beloved, how about letting that love, fire and longing trapped inside of you come out and play more? In your life and in your business. 

What is it that you long for and are curious to experience? I am here to hold sacred space for you moving forward if you are called to shift this now rather than later or maybe. Allow it to happen.

Take care of your holistic wellbeing, be the director of how your life unfolds and/or set your heart-based business and the world on fire.

I invite you to book a Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session with me.


During our Discovery Session you will:

  • Clarify the direction for your dreams and desires

  • Become aware of what’s blocking your from reaching, achieving and creating the results and dream manifestation you long for

  • Explore the route and steps that have the ability to take you from now, bridging the gap all along to reaching where you desire to go, be and do

  • Explore possibilities to manifest your dreams and desires and what your next step to take might be

  • Gain new insights around your personal potential, holistic wellbeing and path in life and/or business

  • Receive a deepened sense of direction and soul-alignment rendering an enhanced experience of peace, inner strength and satisfaction

  • If we are a good match, become aware if I am the coaching and teaching guide, energy transformation creatrix and co-creator to have by your side, serving as a catalyst and support to make those things you desire actually happen as you move on from this point in time

Welcome to explore how I best can support your journey by booking a Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session. Let's manifesting the next desired step of yours and the unfolding evolution of you. I invite you to click the button below to book your Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session with me.



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Tell me, how are you doing energy wise? Feeling a need to be able to balance your energy better? The highs, the lows and the in-betweens? 

Are you looking for energy tools in order to improve life quality and your holistic wellbeing? Maybe you are even somewhat desperate to be able to better manage your shifting energy level throughout your day?

Through a mix of energetic tools like an energy scan and suggestions for essential oils paired with holistic lifestyle coaching and mindfulness tools, I am here to support you through this. To polish that inner diamond of yours and support your personal and spiritual growth. 

I invite you to book an Energy Transformation session or Intensive Day with me. Click the button below for more info and to be able to book.

Do you desire to book an an Energy Transformation session or Intensive Day? Click the button below to message me for more info and to be able to book.



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How about gifting yourself with an empowering whole-body wellness experience?

To choose to give yourself some pampering and tender, love and care, TLC, while at the same time boosting your energetic and holistic wellbeing? 

If that is calling you, I am here to serve you with a special AromaTouch Technique Massage with Essential Oils. There is also the option to add some extra pampering and Life Coaching to this.

Do you desire to book an AromaTouch Technique Massage Session? Click the button below to message me for more info and to be able to book.



The right time to book a session?

Are you not sure whether to book a session or not? Well, I leave that up to you. Only you can be the judge of whether this is the right time or not for you to book a session with me. Or if I am the right coach for you. Be interested to find out though, if it is fear playing mind games with you and stopping you from moving forward with a desires change. Or self-love and worthiness issues. Or...? So how about reading a few examples here to explore further and see what strikes a chord in you? Listen to your intuition and gut feeling. It knows the answer.


Tell me, Is this You?

Do you recognize yourself in one or several of these situations:

  • You are bursting with ideas and inspiration and are passionate about starting a business or growing an existing one and at the same time you feel a bit scared and wonder what you're getting yourself in to. How to do it in a smooth and smart way and to stay sane? You need support and some hand holding to get going. You desire to be coached around business, leadership, mindset and a healthy lifestyle while running a business.

  • You are a business owner and started out with a lot of passion, drive and eagerness to turn your hobby and interests in to a business. It's been a fun and rewarding ride! However also a challenging one. Frankly, you feel a bit worn right now. In need of filling up your cup and to re-group, re-ignite and fuel some additional energy both in yourself and in your business. You long for breathing space and nurturing in order to be able to take out a new direction. It's time to soul-align and find your true North Start as you move forward with your business. How to do things in a more life affirming, aligned and still biz smart way?

  • You feel stuck in subconscious emotional patterns and stubborn habits that make you trip. You can't seem to get a grip on what it is all about and how to move forward. Frankly, you are so ready for a deep dive and to get to the bottom of this, get some new insights and get the flow moving.

  • You are stressing a bit too much, feeling tired and depleted whether or not you have reached that infamous wall of burnout.

  • You've been too busy or simply neglecting to take good care of yourself on a regular bases. You realize that to succeed in your business, turning your creative ideas in to fruition and managing your life projects, you need to pull the break and find a new way of doing. Now there is a built-up need for some tender loving care and self-love. Your whole system is screaming for nurturing, pampering and some serious energy boosting for body, mind, feeling and soul. You sense, now is the time to do something about it, or else your holistic wellbeing might slip even further down the darkness of that rabbit hole.

  • You are an empath, a highly sensitive person (HSP), what AyurVeda refers to as a Vata energy type or what Human Design calls a Projector type, requiring to be extra careful about how to use and manage your energy and are eager to find out how to replenish more easily. This is a daily, or even an hour-by-hour, and lifelong job for you. You are sensitive to people, surroundings, situations and sensory input. Sometimes you simply don't know how to best go about to go give this seemingly endless support to yourself. Your sensitivity is a true gem and an amazing gift to have, but also a constant energy play to handle. To have easy to use energy tools at hand is a God sent life line in order to be able to take on life and running and leading a business with pleasure, joy and progress.

  • You are a leader or have a specialist position in a corporation, and at work you seem to be bumping your head - or should I say heart and soul - against a leadership style and company culture not aligned with your values. The messages sent are not really human, friendly and caring ones. It is all about office politics, internal power games and money on behalf of the wellbeing of the employees. Sure, the company is there to earn money, that is as should. Still the climate at work has crossed the line for what is healthy, inspiring and uplifting. Instead you feel pressured, tired, dissatisfied and somewhat disillusioned. You find it increasingly difficult to muster up the energy and a happy face going to work. It's time to shift things.

  • You feel stuck financially in a job or for some other reason stuck in a specific situation where you lost meaning and end up doing things not to your liking. Even though you know not everything in life can be all roses and sunshine, this whole situation is leaving you feeling stressed, drained and in lost contact with your soul. It puts a damper on your mood both on and off work and this special situation. Your self-worth and self-esteem suffers, and you start feeling more and more powerless. You sense a strong need for a restart and to find your spark again.

  • You actually feel quite good in your own skin, your life and the way you run and lead your business and life projects. You know pretty well what your weaknesses and pitfalls for body and being are and are usually quite good at navigating them. Now you are eager to bump up that loving self-care of yours a notch. This since you believe in living the best possible life and gifting yourself the foundation to be able to experience just that. You are aware that energy management and holistic wellness tools are the crown jewels for this and are eager to explore new layers. As a lifelong learner, you are also always curious to grow and expand on a personal and soul level.

  • You sense you lost touch with your feminine side. Maybe you've been working way too hard, too many hours and stressing too much. Not making time to unwind, move your body and connect within. Nor be social, carefree and playful. Or it might be that you work in a predominately male environment with a highly competitive pressuring atmosphere, and you sense it gives little room for the feminine side of you to take space and expression. It might also be the case that throughout life, all the way from childhood environment, situations and patterns up until now, you haven't really experienced or explored who your inner woman is and how to express her and her needs in the world. You've lost sight of "her" in the craziness of juggling this life of kids, family, social responsibilities, job, hobbies, charity and running a business. Not to mention all the "pretty faces" of a woman of today that you feel the pressure of living up to.

    Either way, you feel like you are sleep walking. There is a deep longing, almost an ache and a cry, to connect more deeply within yourself in order to find, nurture and cultivate your inner Goddess and your female side. To feel more whole. To be able to walk in beauty, set free your femme vibes, creativity and alive joyful playfulness. Your natural sensuality, sense of worthiness and steady ground.

    There is also this curiosity and longing to meet other women in a new more soul rich way and to explore that kind of sisterhood and loving support circle. To enter a soul rich femme tribe and by that also having the ability to influence a shift for good in values, consciousness and society for those around you far away and at home.

  • Or it may be as simple as your soul is calling you home. Time to re-connect with yourself, do some soul searching and find out where your longing and calling desire to take you next. From there make a plan for how to see it come in to fruition and then mustering the courage and start taking the steps necessary. One at a time.

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So, did you recognize yourself?

If one of several of these situations hit home with you, then a Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session might be the starting point for the change and shift you're looking for. I invite you to come have a heart-to-heart to map out how to bridge the gap from where you’re at and to where you desire to go, do and be. Welcome to book your Rich Soul Glow Discovery Session with me here:

If instead a holistic wellness session or deep dive VIP intensive with Energy Transformation or AromaTouch Technique Massage is calling you, please message me here for more info and to be able to book your session: