How about JOINing MY TEAM?

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Are you curious about joining my essential oil tribe and start sharing the magic of essential oils with others? Interested in building an essential oil business and the potential of having me as your mentor on your essential oil biz adventure?

Knowing in your heart, that essential oils are true gems when it comes to energy management and support for holistic wellbeing? Having a positive mindset and a warm heart beating for people, health and wellness? 

Are you eager to learn more about the high quality, 3rd party tested Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, CPTG, essential oils from dôTERRA that I work with? Desiring to work with the best quality oils and in an International network of warm-hearted and caring people?

dôTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world. A pioneer in integrating plant based energetic medicine with Western medicin by now starting to roll out health clinics with these two approaches combined. The company is led by an authentically good-hearted group of industry experienced owners heavily involved in social responsibility for farmers, distillers and their communities as well contributing to charity Internationally. 

I'd be delighted to hear from you! 

Essential oils are truly energy medicine at its best. A tool for supporting body, mind, feeling, spirit and our energy. To this, a business opportunity that brings good to you and peeps all around the globe. I welcome you to get in touch if you feel called to explore the possibility of joining my Essential Oil tribe of leaders and business builders.