Have you felt it lately, that longing to be, do and live even more satisfied and fulfilled somehow? There’s an unsettling feeling that you can’t quite pinpoint or shake. You just know there is a stir and a call for something else. Something more.

It might be you’re tired and stressed out by challenges. Or you’re at destination OK and Good, however crave to reach planet Great and Amazing. Asking yourself; how does it get even better than this?

Hey, dear one, I lovingly urge you to value yourself enough to acknowledge this knock on your door! See, there’s truly no way around it.

The spark is ignited and it's calling you forward. To stop yourself from moving ahead, or to back down, retreat and trying to hide hurts. Big time. It literally feels like dying. And it is. On the inside.

Know that this stir inside, is your soul voice speaking and calling you to fine-tune and become even more soul-aligned. That’s the stuff dreams, desires and creative downloads are made of. The question is; do you listen? 

You might have a hard time fully grasping and putting words to what’s going on. Still, you just know. The time has come. To breath fresh air and to thread a new phase in life. Even if your rational mind, or rather fearful Ego, gets hick-ups, screams and puts up resistance. Still. You are ready. Oh, Yes.

Now, inhale, exhale and trust. You are here to serve from the heart. Love yourself up. And have it smitten the rest of us. It’s time to get excited!

Know this, it’s all happening FOR you, not to you. With a good intent, there is something even better, joyful, loving and life enhancing to be found. Waiting for you. Your golden treasure and diamond in the sky. A natural drive for expansion and up-leveling at play. Really, what wonder and blessing!

What more then is possible? Not as in lack, fear and pressure, but as in abundance, expansion, excitement and flow.

Curious? Let’s go explore and co-create how to get there. I’m here to guide, support and hold sacred transformational space for your journey.

Remember, the time IS now. A truly magic moment.



How can I support you?

Tell me, how can I support you? Below you can read more about the 1-on-1 Coaching programs and VIP Intensive Days that I offer. If you already know it’s a GO to get in motion and you sense I seem to be the right guide for you, I invite you to get in touch. I am here to help you catch your dreams and to support your new life and business adventures to birth and and take wing.

Let's book an Activation Session as a first step on this evolutionary road of yours. Click the button below and we’ll get started.  



1-on-1 Coaching Programs

Beloved, how about letting that love, fire and longing tapped inside of you come out and play more? In your life and in your business.

What is it that you long for and are curious to experience? I am here to hold sacred space for you moving forward if you are called to shift this now rather than later or maybe. Allow it to happen.

Take care of your holistic wellbeing, be the director of how your life unfolds, find your purposeful life path and set your heart-based business and the world on fire.

Let’s explore and find clarity of what particularly it is you desire to see happen in order for you to arrive to a more satisfying, excited, alive, blossoming and happy place. A 1-on-1 coaching program with individual support tailored to your unique desires and needs might be just the thing that has got the ability to brings you there.

I’m here to empower and activate you to find your path from where you are at to where you feel called to go. Supporting you with a master plan, strategy, inner transformation, sacred wellness and energetic tools, igniting courage and action to manifest dreams and desires into concrete form and results. Ready? Let’s talk!



I invite you to book an Activation Session with me. This is the first step in exploring the possibility of entering a 1-on-1 coaching program with me. Go ahead and click the button below to book your session. Welcome!



VIP Intensive Days

VIP Days

A VIP Intensive Day is an exclusive in person live experience where you receive my full focus, attention and support for a prolonged uninterrupted time.

It’s a deeply transformational immersion for all senses where I hold space for you to deep dive, release, surrender, awake, ignite, learn new things and take leaps and bounds in your personal and professional development and growth journey.

I guide you through this sacred and life changing experience with full presence, deep vision and intuition, energetic tools, professional coaching support and a beautiful, pampering and caring ambiance and setting for your day.

Afterwards you’ll have access to a four week incubation period with personal access to my individual coaching support. All while integrating, continuing to up-level and expand as you take action in line with your newfound insights, heightened consciousness level, acquired tools and new action plan.


VIP Intensive Day THEMES

You are able to chose among these themes for your VIP Day:

  1. Sacred Self-Love Sanctuary (Lifestyle )

  2. Find Your Purposeful Life Path (Life Path & Career)

  3. Soul Branding (Business)

  4. Sacred Money Freedom (Money)


There is also the possibility of having a two day Deep Dive Double VIP Intensive experience. We’ll start with the Sacred Self-Love Sanctuary theme on Day 1 and you choose one of the other themes for Day 2. This will give an even deeper transformation for the chosen theme on Day 2, as Day 1 sets you up for even deeper connection with your core, soul voice, intuition, inner wisdom and self-love expression.

VIP Day_Themes_ver PA1_500 x 500.png
Header_VIP Day Destinations_ver PB1.jpg


Choose your preferred location for your VIP Intensive Day:

  • Stockholm, Sweden - All year round

  • Online - All year round

  • Zürich, Switzerland - December 2019

  • London, UK - January 2020

  • Rome, Italy - May 2020


the outcome of your vip INTENSIVE day

Depending on your choosen VIP Intensive Day theme, the outcomes will vary. However, some basic outcomes will touch your core no matter what theme. Even if, of course, more deeply explored within some themes. This, since I work deeply transformational and holistic at core level.

I see to both the sacredness of your body-mind-feeling-spirit-energy pieces of the puzzle as well as take in to account the wholeness of both your life and professional settings. You are so much more than your body, mind and mechanical doing. When you feel the very best, you open up to live a life of uttermost joy, heart, meaning and service. This brings deep inner satisfaction and relief for self, and it’s also truly the best gift you can ever give to the world around you. Let’s play, shall we?



  • Feeling more relaxed, de-stressed, grounded and strong within. Being able to better tackle what life throws at you and to better manage stressful triggers, relationships and situations.

  • Feeling energized and lit-up with more curiosity and gusto to explore new ways of living as well as running and leading your business and professional life.

  • Being empowered to muster courage to act to create something even more fulfilling, soul-aligned and joyful both when working and playing. 

  • Having an improved ability to connect to your core, to get a hold of your emotions and to actually be aware of your likes and dislikes. This improving your ability to set sound boundaries and make more self-loving choices.

  • Being able to take stock of who you are showing up as now and understand who you are called to open up to becoming in order to be able to fulfill your dreams and live your best life possible as you move forward.

  • Having tools in easy access and in top of mind for your holistic wellbeing and everyday energy, stress and wellness management.

  • With an upgraded level of self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-worth knowing that this will color and transform your entire life experience. Supporting you to find more joy, satisfaction, peace, strength and courage overall. As well as improving your ability to interact with and relate to others in a way that is more uplifting, nurturing and meaningful.


  • Knowing what smart ways, strategies and actions to take for the next desired phase of your life, business and professional setting to rock and be more juicy and rewarding.

  • Being able to map out and take action for spreading good around you on a grander and more conscious level than before. Your heart jumping with joy of being of service even more full on and sensing the gratitude of living a life of purpose and contribution.

  • Being clear of your direction and enjoying knowing that the journey in itself  is a life to be lived. Not only to be appreciated if and when reaching a future goal. Fully expressed and high-vibing from the satisfaction of follow your calling and allowing your life purpose to color how you live and lead.

  • Building and running your business based on what is aligned, purposeful, deeply satisfying, joyful and unique for you. This being your key for growing that oh, so important Know-Like-Trust factor, a.k.a. attraction and conversion factor, with more ease and good feeling in your pit and heart.

  • The rocking feeling of aligning the soul of you with the soul of your business and professional life. Stepping into the radiance and joy of living and gifting without holding back, hiding or settling for less. Making peace within and around. Standing fully in your power as a leader of your life and business. Inside and out.

  • Having your brand be a genuine reflection of who you are at core and what you desire you and your business to be a stand for and communicate to your audience, potential customers and the world. Being totally aligned and authentic inside and out.

  • To feel empowered and grounded as the leader of your business. Fueled by the authenticity and the values your brand signals. Portraying an energetic imprint of who you are now and also serving as a powerful trigger of who you are called to become as the leader in order for the blossoming of your soul-aligned business in line with your visions and dreams.



  • Being aware of your family patterns when it comes to money and having broken the negative spell from previous generations.

  • Understanding your traits, patterns and personality when it comes to dealing with money. Knowing which ones that support you and to keep, and what the non-supporting ones are to shift out of.

  • Being able to forgive yourself, heal and to let go of money induced shame and guilt. This lifting your energy, getting you out of stuckness and in to a more brave, action taking mode and a more positive outlook on life.

  • Being able to recognize self-sabotaging patterns around money and finances and instead choose more empowering actions and strategies.

  • Upping your game when it comes to better money management. Rending more breathing space, peace, energy and relaxation as stress, worry and a sense of not having a grip on your finances and life slips away.

  • Having improved your relationship with money to become a more joyful, loving, sacred and free one.

  • Being empowered around money and this opening up for improving both your self-worth and financial net worth.

  • Having made peace with your money demons and fears and how to deal with money induced stress.


Specifics of you VIP Intensive Day PACKAGE

  • 7 hours of individual Coaching and Teachings including time for lunch.

  • Welcome Package with a questionnaire and materials as preparation before the VIP Day Intensive take place.

  • Exercises, checklists and extra material handed out during the VIP day.

  • Action Plan for how to implement the findings and growth expansion during the VIP Day Intensive as you move on after the VIP Day Intensive.

  • 1 x Follow-up Session (45 min) via Zoom livestream within 6 weeks.

  • 4 weeks of Emergency Coaching via WhatsApp after the VIP Day:
    You’ll have direct contact to me with via voice and written messages through WhatsApp with requests for coaching support on current and urgent issues. This service is available up to 30 minutes per week between office hours of 8 AM CET and 6 PM CET.

  • A healthy and tasty Lunch.

  • Healthy, tasty and energizing Snacks and Beverages.

  • Bonuses and Surprises aligned with your chosen theme for the VIP Day Intensive and your individual unique needs and interests.



I invite you to book an Activation Session with me. This is the first step in exploring the potential of engaging in a VIP Day with me. In order to secure a spot in a particular International location, I suggest you don’t wait too long to reach out or it might be gone. Click the button below to book your session. Warmly welcome!