Have you felt it lately, that longing to be, do and live even more soul-aligned? In your life and in your business. Those are the times we live in.

Energy and consciousness are shifting massively at the same time as the speed in society continues to ramp up calling us to find balance, ground and meaning while also alluring us with a myriad of possibilities.

The world is our oyster and literally at your fingertips. Our human bodies and beings have a hard time tagging along in this race and at the same time what an exciting playground for being creative and co-operating in new ways in a world where a lot of walls and structures have fallen and continue to fall.

Where are you in all of this? What's the message from your inner voice to make out of it?

These times call you forward to step in to being even more you, soul aligned, and share the unique gifts and traits that really only you possess. You contribute through how you choose to live and lead your life and how you run and lead your business.

So, what is the knock on the door for you right now? What is the message from that diffuse but still so persistent feeling in your pit calling you? Calling you in to movement. In to new territorium. 

When the longing for a change is here, acknowledge it and value yourself enough to act on it. There is no way around it. The spark is ignited and it's calling your forward. To stop yourself from moving forward, or to go back, retreat and hide hurts. Big time. It literally feels like dying.

That longing, that spark, that urge to shift whatever is going on;

  • from bad to better, from good to great and from great to blissful.

  • from too high of a speed to a calmer one or from too low of a pace to a more energetic one.

  • from holding back, not taking space to being empowered and dare to be seen and heard.

  • from being so-so and ok satisfied at work or in your business, to suddenly crave to do something even more meaningful.

  • from hiding behind "who am I to.....dream that big/think I am that special/believe I can do that" as an entrepreneur, business owner and leader, to being so passionately called forward to contribute to good on this planet that there is no other way than to take the plunge and test new waters. No matter how big or small your new contribution for good is. Still doing it.

  • from just dreaming to actually acting to make things take form. As an entrepreneur you are excited to use your business as an incubator to test the waters living your dreams and to tap in to your potential. All while being of service. Following the fire burning in your soul and letting it spread around you like wild fire and color your world.

These are all your soul's message to you. Yes, your dreams and longings are actually messages from your soul. Do you listen? 

You might even have a hard time fully grasping it and putting words to it. Still the feeling inside of you is very real. You just know. The time has come. It is now and there is no turning back. You are called forward. To follow that calling and bliss of yours. To breath new air and allow the soul whispers to guide you as you thread this new phase. You are ready. Body, being and doing. It all comes together. You are here to serve from the heart. 

I invite you to get in touch. I am here to help you catch your dreams and to support your Life and Business adventures to unfold. To take wing and get fertilized enough to blossom. Are you ready to get coached? 

Let's book an Activation Session as a first step on this evolutionary road of yours. 



1-on-1 Coaching Program

Beloved, how about letting that love, fire and longing tapped inside of you come out and play more? In your life and in your business.

What is it that you long for and are curious to experience? I am here to hold sacred space for you moving forward if you are called to shift this now rather than later or maybe. Allow it to happen.

Take care of your holistic wellbeing, be the director of how your life unfolds and set your heart-based business and the world on fire.

I invite you to book an Activation Session with me. This is the first step in exploring the potential of entering a 1-on-1 coaching program with me. Click the button below for more info and booking.  



VIP Intensive Day

VIP Days

A VIP Intensive Day is an exclusive in person live experience where you receive my full focus, attention and support for a prolonged uninterrupted time. It’s a deeply transformational immersion for all senses where I hold space for you to deep dive, release, surrender, awake and take leaps and bounds in your personal and professional development and growth journey. I guide you through this sacred and life changing experience with full presence, professional coaching support and a beautiful, pampering and caring setting for your day.

VIP Intensive Day THEMES

You are able to chose among these themes for your VIP Day:

  1. Sacred Self-Love Sanctuary (Lifestyle)

  2. Soul Branding (Business)

the outcome of your vip INTENSIVE day

Imagine walking away from this immersion experience….

  • Feeling relaxed, de-stressed, grounded and strong within. Being able to better tackle what life throughs at you.

  • Feeling energized and lit-up with more curiosity and gusto to explore and act in new ways of living as well as running and leading your business and professional life. Being able to create something even more fulfilling, soul-aligned and joyful both when working and playing.

  • Being in better contact with yourself and aware of who you actually are at core and who you desire to open up to becoming in order to be able to fulfill you dreams and live your best life possible.

  • Having tools in easy access and in top of mind for your holistic wellbeing and every day energy and wellness management.

  • Know what smart ways, strategies and actions to take for the next desired phase of your life, business and professional setting to rock and be more juicy and rewarding.

  • Building and running your business based on what is aligned, purposeful, deeply satisfying, joyful and unique for you. This being your key for growing that oh, so important Know-Like-Trust factor, a.k.a. attraction and conversion factor, with more ease and good feeling in your pit and heart.

  • The rocking feeling of aligning the soul of you with the soul of your business and professional life. Stepping in to the radiance and joy of living and gifting without holding back, hiding or settling for less. Making peace within and around. Being clear of your direction and enjoying knowing that the journey in itself is a life to live. Not only to be appreciated if and when reaching a future goal. What better way to live it then as fully yourself? Fully expressed and high-vibing from the satisfaction of follow your calling and allowing your life purpose to color how you live and lead.

Specifics of you VIP Intensive Day PACKAGE

  • 7 hours of individual Coaching and Teachings including time for lunch.

  • Welcome Package with a questionnaire and materials as preparation before the VIP Day take place.

  • Exercises, Checklists and Extra material handed out during the VIP day.

  • Action Plan for how to implement the findings and growth expansion during the VIP Day also as you move on after the VIP Day.

  • 1 x Follow-up Session (45 min) via Zoom livestream within 6 weeks.

  • 4 weeks of Emergency Coaching via WhatsApp after the VIP Day:
    You’ll have direct contact to me with via voice and written messages through WhatsApp with requests for coaching support on current and urgent issues. This service is available up to 30 minutes per week between office hours of 8 AM CET and 6 PM CET. You will usually receive an answer within 36 hours.

  • A healthy and tasty Lunch.

  • Healthy and tasty energizing Snacks and Beverages.

  • Bonuses and Surprises aligned with your chosen theme for the VIP Day and your individual unique needs and desires.


Choose your preferred location for your VIP Intensive Day:

Stockholm, Sweden - All year round

Zürich, Switzerland - December 2019


I invite you to book an Activation Session with me. This is the first step in exploring the potential of entering a 1-on-1 coaching program with me. Click the button below for more info and booking.