If you are curious about essential oils and are longing to improve your holistic health and wellbeing, then I invite you to visit my essential oil shop and get started. Essential oils affect your body and being. They can be used for taking care of health issues, emotional balancing and healing as well as for energy management. They are handy and easy tools to integrate in your everyday life; home and away.

It is true, the saying that there is an oil for everything. Using just 1 - 2 drops of this very potent, clean, high quality and life enhancing energetic plant medicin has the potential of being the magic maker in the moment, as well as for long-term healing, that you might be looking for.

I see the essential oils as an all natural plant based home pharmacy. It’s energy medicin in reach for everyone and they have been with us through thousands of years. Time for us to wake up and connect back to nature and trust what’s been know for long and that research now confirms. There is nothing woo-woo or crazy to be in touch with and use what nature and Mother Earth produces, on the contrary, it is a way of coming to our senses, coming home and up-level our self-love and self-care. There is always room to integrate both energetic plant medicin with modern western medicin if that is what your preferred path is.


Is this the time for you experience this plant based energy medicin magic in a bottle for yourself? And for your loved ones, customers and people around you? Time to to create your own all natural plant based home pharmacy? When there is a calling there is a way. Welcome to visit my dôTERRA web shop if you desire to get started now.

The way to get to experience these essential oils goes through one of three alternatives;
1) Buy at Retail prices
2) Become a Wholesale member and receive a 25% discount at every purchase (+ additional bonus à 10-30 % possible when choosing to buy monthly through so-called Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) orders)
3) Become a Wellness Advocate which means you have all the benefits of being a Wholesale member and buy at discounted prices and to this also have the right to share the oils with others and sell them. Wether you do this as a hobby or are interested in creating a holistic health and wellness business is up to you. I am looking for leaders eager to be in service for the greater good around the globe. If this speaks to you and you desires to be part of a tribe of like minded warm-hearted, health conscious and spiritual aware people, reach out to me!

I invite you to explore the essential oils the best way there is; by using them and experiencing for yourself what difference they can make for body, mind, feelings, spirit and energy. Welcome to click on the button below to access my essential oil web shop and get started:


P.S. Questions? Reach out to me - click the link: https://m.me/LisaClausen

P.S. P.S. Desire more info about the oils? There is a ton of info out there, however not so much in the web shop. Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to provide info and to share my experience with the oils. Or simply Google.

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