curious about energy medicin magic in a bottle?

Are you curious about essential oils and their capacity to literally vibrate your body and being in to new experiences and states? I invite you to learn more about these energetic gems here and how to start your own experiential journey with them at hand.

Essential oils affect both your body and being. They can be used for taking care of health and wellness issues, emotional balancing as well as for energy management purposes. Use essential oils to tend to what’s urgent to address in the now, or get support to deal with and release deep buried and suppressed emotional patterns and health challenges. Essential oils are handy and easy tools to integrate in your everyday life; home and away.

It is true, the saying that there is an oil for everything. Using just 1 - 2 drops of this very potent, clean, high quality and life enhancing energetic plant medicin has the potential of being the magic maker in the moment, as well as the long-term healing aid that you might be looking for.

I see essential oils as an all natural plant based home pharmacy. It’s energy medicin in reach for everyone and they have been with us through thousands of years. It’s time for us to wake up and connect back to nature and trust what’s been known since ancient times and that which research now confirms over and over again as highly valuable and potent.

There is nothing woo-woo or crazy about being in touch with and use what nature and Mother Earth produces. On the contrary, it is a way of coming to our senses, coming home to ourselves and up-leveling our self-love and self-care. There is always room to integrate both energetic plant medicin with modern western medicin if that is what your preferred path is.



Tell me, why is it that these essential oils speaks to you? What is the use you see for them?

  • For your own wellbeing and health?

  • For your loved ones and people around you?

  • As a valuable addition when it comes to even better supporting your business’s customers, clients, students, patients and visitor?

  • As a way to influence and contribute to good for people of all walks of life, in all corners of the world and to society at large?

If you sense a pull towards testing essential oils out, this might be the time for you to look in to creating your own all natural plant based home pharmacy. Or if you so crave, your pure plant based business enhancer kit.

Know this, when there is a calling there is a way. So, how to go about to get started with essential oils?


How do you get started WITH ESSENTIAL OILS?

The way to get to experience and use these essential oils goes through one of three alternatives;

Alternative 1 - Buy at RETAIL prices
Alternative 2 - Become a WHOLESALE member (25% discount)
Alternative 3 - Become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE (25% discount PLUS right to share and sell oils)


ALTERNATIVE 1️⃣- Buy at RETAIL prices

Click the button below to be able make your purchases online. This will take you to my essential oil web shop where you choose and buy your desired essential oils. Be sure to use the pre-filled in Enroller and Sponsor IDs: 3009525.


ALTERNATIVE 2️⃣- Become a WHOLESALE member and receive a 25% discount on every purchase
(+ possibility of additional bonus points à 10-30 % if choosing to buy monthly through so-called Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) orders. Get in touch with me and I tell you how to set it up if this speaks to you.)

Click the button below to reach my essential oil webshop. Then go ahead and click the Join & Save page and at the bottom of that page, click the Join döTERRA button, and follow the process to set up your own Wholesale membership account. You’ll either order your preferred enrolment kit or create your own mix of product to buy for starters. See my recommended Enrolment Kits below. Be sure to use the pre-filled in Enroller and Sponsor IDs: 3009525. If desiring a more thorough description of the signing-up process, you’ll find it under the photo of me on the start page of the web shop.


ALTERNATIVE 3️⃣- Become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE and receive 25% discounted prices plus have the right to share and sell products

If becoming a Wellness Advocate (Independent Product Consultant) you have all the benefits of being a Wholesale member, and thus being able to buy at discounted prices (25 %), and in addition you’ll also have the right to share the essential oils with others. It’s your choice if you desire to just sell oils to others or if you as well desire to build your own network and team for spreading the oils to other people on a larger scale locally, nationally and Internationally. Whether you do this as a hobby or are interested in creating a holistic health and wellness business is totally up to you.

I am looking for leaders eager to be in service for the greater good around the globe. If this speaks to you and you desires to be part of a tribe of like minded warm-hearted, health conscious and spiritual aware people, then please, I ask you to reach out to me to discuss how to make it possible to be part of my döTERRA team!

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About Enrolment Kits

You will probably just like me - and millons of others - end up totally loving these oils, and by that desire to have and buy all - or most - of them. If doing that from start, you will be able to use and share a bigger variety of oils with others already from start, get a bigger discount since pre-made enrolment kits are discounted (25 %) and you will as well quicker be able to reach a greater discount percentage in points on your monthly Loyalty Reward Orders, (LRP), that you’ll have set up if you desire to build a business or if just desire to buy oils the smartest way there is. No matter what, just remind yourself that an Enrolment Kit is discounted about 25 % compared to if you choose to mix and match your own set of essential oil products as your starter kit.

Below you’ll find my recommended Enrolment Kits for personal use vs business building.

A. Personal Use - recommended Enrolment Kits:

  • Home Essential Kit

  • Natural Solutions Kit

B. Business Building - recommended Enrolment Kit:

  • Essential Oil Collection Kit

  • Business Leader Kit

Read more about each Enrolment Kit - here >>

Use of essential oils - aromatic, topic and internal

How to use essential oils?

You can use essential oils;

  • Aromatic

  • Topical

  • Internal

  • For cleaning

For each essential oil, information is given on good and safe use for that particular oil. Some essential oils are OK to be used internally, some don’t e t c. Important - Please note! Only use information provided from the supplier of the brand at hand. In my case I only provide information that pertain to the brand I use and work with; dôTERRA.


Essential oils have a direct link to the brain’s limbic system by the olfactory nerve and the smell receptors. The limbic system supports functions like smell, emotions, behavior, and memory. Using essential oils is a quick and powerful way to affect our brain through aromatic use.

One easy way is to simply add 1 - 2 drops to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then scope the hands over your nose and breath in the aroma and energy of the essential oils for 30 - 60 seconds. Or to smell the essential oil directly from the bottle.

Another effective way is to diffuse an essential oil mix in a so called diffuser and allow it to fill the room with the aroma and energy of the chosen oil mix.

Essential oils easily penetrate the skin due to low molecular weights and being a lipid soluble . Topically applied essential oil has got a localized benefit to the applied area. By using a light message when applying the essential oils topically the blood flow increases and this activates the distribution of the essential oil in the body.

Essential oils are pure and of hight potency; only use 1 - 2 drops when applying them no matter if topically, internally or for aromatic reasons. Less IS more also when it comes to essential oils! A little and more often, rather than a lot and seldom is the overall devise to follow when it comes to essential oils. döTERRA advice that a topical dose can be repeated up to every 4–6 hours as needed and maximum. The dosage to use varies due to size, age, and overall health status.

I recommend to always use a base oil, a so-called carrier oil, when applying essential oils topically. For instance a Fractionated Coconut Oil, FCO, which is ease to use absorbs quickly by the skin.

The use of a carrier oil serve several purposes; one being to decrease the likelihood of developing skin sensitivity (use the ration of one drop of essential oil to three drops - or more - of carrier oil). Another being to bind these esoteric oils to the skin for a longer period of time and thus slow evaporation down of the oil. A third reason being that adding a carrier oil when applying essential oils topically with enable a more economic use o the essential oils. Simply put, the oil mix can be spread over a larger area of the skin with the same amount of a essential oil in it.




P.S. Questions? Welcome to get in touch with me if you have questions and desire support on how to buy essential oils through me, what oils to buy, how to use them, how to share and sell them or how to build an essential oil business of your own and how to become part of my essential oil team. I invite you to get in touch here - click the link:

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