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I am Lisa.

Your partner in crime when it comes to putting some more love, light and soul in to your body, being and that thing you do in life.

What's calling you?

I am here to hold space for you following your calling and living your potential. To have your business and life projects be the vehicle for your stepping in to making those dreams of yours tangible and happening

Feel Good

I believe it is your birthright to feel good in your own skin. To lovingly tend to your holistic wellbeing and energy. That, my dear, is also what sets the absolute best foundation for going out there and doing your thing.

Do Good

So, what do you say? Ready to set your biz and world on fire? Let's be the light and the change for good in this world, shall we? Sister, I am talking to YOU. 

I am here as your sounding board, catalyst and travel companion. As your transformational coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. Igniting fire, joy, possibilities, life force and soul glow in to your holistic lifestyle, business and leadership. Letting that divine inner femme of yours ascend and run wild and free. Now is the time.

Sending bliss to this moment and your day.

Xo Xo



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1-on-1 coaching programs

Tell me, what's burning inside? That thing that causes jitters in your stomach, thoughts to spin and makes it hard to sleep at the wee hours.

What are you longing for and are eager to explore, be and do? What is calling you?

Let's put a finger to the pulse. Confession time; what is going on in your life and in your business? Ready for a change? Yes? How will you get there?

Know this, now is the time to take action for a tomorrow you desire to see come through as yours. You are the leader to make it happen.

Desire support along the way? Allow me to guide you. If you are curious to join a Holistic Lifestyle and Business Coaching program with me, click the button to learn more.

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Build an essential oil biz

Are you curious about joining my essential oil tribe and start sharing the magic of essential oils with others? Interested in building an essential oil business having me as your mentor on your essential oil biz adventure?

Who are you? In your heart, you know that essential oils are true gems when it comes to energy management and support for holistic wellbeing. You have a positive mindset and a warm heart beating for people, health and wellness.

Eager to learn more about the high quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, CPTG, essential oils from dôTERRA that I work with?

I'd be delighted to hear from you! Essential oils are truly energy medicine at its best. Also, a meaningful biz opportunity bringing good to all. Click the button to learn more.


some Love Sprinkle....


Voices from clients, customers and students

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Among the best investments I ever did! To succeed in your business, it is important to know yourself deep down and at the same time create a strong foundation for your company. I want to thank you Lisa for helping me to reach my full potential. To give thanks for every goal achieved and all the knowledge I received. I have grown incredibly as a human being and I notice it my personality and more and more in my entrepreneurship. You are a fantastic coach. Now with the results and the solutions in hand, I feel like I got all of this for free, even though it initially felt like a huge investment.
— Andres Perea, entrepreneur, Sweden
Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate the way you were able to help me with your coaching. It’s something unique about the way you are able to access the underlying core of things, see connections and communicate in a way that made me see more than one perspective. Empowering! At the same time, I felt embraced and fully seen when coached by you. Your support put a lot of things together for me! Lisa, you have an amazing calmness about you and such insightfulness - truly a gift :)
— Dinneen Dietta, MBA, entrepreneur, USA

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Desire support?

Whether it is pleasure or pain that trigger your desire for a shift I am here to support you. Listen to those soul whispers calling you forward. As a first step, I invite you to book a Discovery Session with me. Click the button to book