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Hi, there! i am lisa...

I am a holistic Lifestyle and Business Coach and an Energy Transformation and Female Ascension Mentor.

My biz is based in Stockholm, Sweden, however I’m serving an International tribe of heart based female entrepreneurs, leaders and hungry souls.

Development of people, bodies, souls and businesses is my cup of tea. My toolbox is wide running from business settings, over to health, wellness and soul settings. Deeply transformational both for your inner and outer worlds.

Some of my energetic and sacred tools are Essential Oils, Yoga (Life/Kundalini), Mindfulness and Feng Shui. And then there is the business skills, strategy and mindset. All held within the frame of coaching and mentoring.

About me? The absolute best thing I know is Presence! What more? Well, I simply love to dance, and am always up for some dark chocolate, yummy raw cake, a green smoothie or a delicious Thai meal. Curious about life and learning new things. A lover of beauty, books, film....and grateful for a yogic mindset whether on or off the yoga mat.

Ah, there is so, so much more to tell! However, I desire to keep it short and sweet here.

Let's connect through one of the links on this page and on my site. I hope you get inspired and intrigued and that we get to connect online or IRL. There is no better time than now to start co-creating for the sake of good in this world.

So....welcome and enjoy!

Lisa Clausén