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FolloW your callinG!

Step into the radiance, joy and deep satisfaction of living your Purpose.

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lit-up and turned-on to feel your very best, BE FULLY EXPRESSED AND A FORCE FOR GOOD.

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GET empowerED to FREE YOURSELF FROM LIMITATIONS, FEAR AND STRESS. READY TO create A beautiful sacred lifestyle, a life path WITH MEANING and LEAD a SOUL-blossoming business?

Sister, it’s time to TURN YOUR GLOW ON!


Hi beautiful,

I see you.

I’m here as your partner in crime when it comes to putting more love, light and soul in to your body, being and that thing you do in life.

Holding space for you to really listen to your soul whispers and to follow your calling and, Yes, to live your potential. To have your business and life projects be the vehicle for you stepping in to making those dreams of yours tangible and happening. To live and gift You.

Listen, it’s your birthright to feel as good as possible in your own skin. To lovingly tend to your holistic wellbeing and manage your energy. That, my dear, is also what sets the absolute best foundation for your business and professional setting.

So, what do you say? Ready to set your being, biz and world on fire? Let's be the light and the change for good in this world, shall we? Sister, I am talking to YOU. 


As your transformational coach, mentor, trainer, speaker, intuitive guide, sounding board and co-creator, I support you to bridge your inner and outer worlds. Let’s rock and shift how you play the game of life, business and leadership. Let that Divine inner femme of yours ascend, breath fresh air and let herself loose, wild and free. Whatever that means for your. No more sleep walking, holding back, being numb, crumble by fear, maybe-some-day thinking and staying stuck. Turn your soul glow on. That’s the biggest gift you can ever give not only yourself, but also everyone and everything around you. Now is the time.

Sending bliss to this moment and your day,

Xo Xo


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Deep dive in
the now

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boost your energy and holistic wellbeing
with essential oils

curious to Try them?

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Use And Buy Your
Own Essential Oils!

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build an


Love Sprinkle....


some LOVE NOTES from the tribe

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I am so grateful for intuitive, magical and powerful Lisa Clausén! Lisa always knows just what to say! She offers the perfect insight that reframes my entire situation, or the course of action that reconnects me with my power and strength. Lisa is a pillar of strength, positivity and profound wisdom, with a holistic toolbox of practical and divine supports that never seems to run out. She blends a drop of feminine sacredness, wellness and self-love with business smarts and sassiness. I am immensely grateful to know Lisa and be a recipient of her incredible coaching. My career is stronger and my dreams bigger, thanks to her. I recommend working with Lisa with all my heart.
— Julie Lynn Mortensen, Actress & Entrepreneur, Canada
In only one session Lisa enabled me to connect back to the importance of caring for myself. Being so busy in business I had forgotten to nourish my body. She guided me to paint an even bigger and more colorful picture of where I am headed and how to get here. Adding in to the picture also self-love, self-worth, energy work, money management and more joy and pleasures. It became apparent it’s time to catch up with how far I’ve actually come in building momentum in my biz and healing my money story! I’m not a prisoner of old ways. Time to open the door and enjoy the fruits and feel safe to do so. Lisa provided me with powerful, yet simple strategies to make sure I didn’t neglect myself going forward. I was reminded I am my business and therefore the better I look after myself, the easier I will achieve my business goals. Thank you, Lisa! There is something Angelic about you. You are a gentle yet powerful Soul
— Ari Kala, Psychic Empowerment Coach, Australia
Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate the way you were able to help me with your coaching. It’s something unique about the way you are able to access the underlying core of things, see connections and communicate in a way that made me see more than one perspective. Empowering! At the same time, I felt embraced and fully seen when coached by you. Your support put a lot of things together for me! Lisa, you have an amazing calmness about you and such insightfulness - truly a gift :)
— Dinneen Grably, Executive Communication Coach, USA
Among the best investments I ever did! To succeed in your business, it is important to know yourself deep down and at the same time create a strong foundation for your company. I want to thank you Lisa for helping me to reach my full potential. To give thanks for every goal achieved and all the knowledge I received. I have grown incredibly as a human being and I notice it my personality and more and more in my entrepreneurship. You are a fantastic coach. Now with the results and the solutions in hand, I feel like I got all of this for free, even though it initially felt like a huge investment.
— Andres, Sales Manager/Entrepreneur, Sweden

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