I dare you!

If you desire to create something new in your life; a new way of being, doing, feeling, tasting, flowing and moving, you actually need to STEP OUT of the familiar! In to the unknown.

To CHALLENGE that Ego voice of yours speaking in a fearful voice and trying to turn on the BREAKS on those new things and experiences you are longing to create and invite more of in to your life. Scarey, eh? I know!

No! Stop! That's dangerous! The Ego voice screams and push all of those old pattern buttons inside that have you go in to the red zone of flight and fight mode alert.

The Ego has got a good intent.
It desires for us to be safe.
We'd better lovingly thank it for that concern.

However, the Ego is also the one keeping us STUCK. Even retracting, shrinking and diminishing ourselves and our abilities. DIMMING our light.

Why? What's going on so deep down inside of you that you're not even aware? What is it that keeps you stuck when your mind says GO!, but you're standing still?

It's your fears that are speaking;

★ Fear of disturbing
★ Fear of being too much
★ Fear of being wrong
★ Fear of not being good enough
★ Fear of rejection
★ Fear of not being loved
★ Fear of neglect
★ Fear of criticism
★ Fear of failure
★ Fear of succeeding
★ Fear of actually dying by breaking deeply, deeply ingrained childhood survival patterns

You name it. We all have variations of these fears engrained in our nervous system, suppressed in our bodies and gathered in non-supporting mindset blue prints, patterns and habits.

Well, in order to create something new, you and I simply just have to break free long enough from listening to the Ego, and instead muster the guts to tap in, dive in and step in to the unknown territory on the other side of that Ego controlled border.

To step outside the so-called comfort zone. From the familiar and in to the unfamiliar.

Sometimes just having a clean slate in front of you. Other times only knowing one or two steps ahead what will happen or what direction to take next. Still doing it anyways because in the long run, it is far, FAR more REWARDING and energizing than that dead and unsettled feeling inside of staying stuck or retracting.

Know this, what ever you dream of, the path of manifesting it in to concrete form, goes through allowing your intuitive SOUL VOICE and the whispers from you heart to both be HEARD and INVITED to take more SPACE than the voice of the Ego.

The Soul Voice has got the vibration of what desires the very BEST for you (and all involved), calling you to walk in PURPOSE and in TRUTH. Those things that bring TRUE meaning and SATISFACTION.

Following your Soul Voice and having the COURAGE to act on taking steps outside the comfort zone is what LIGHTS the match to TURN ON your own unique glow, free you happy dance and hold ground for your soul exhaling in to a peaceful and grounded state.

So, tell me, what situations, settings, habits and patterns are you ready to ROCK and shift TODAY? Go deep inside and take stock, my dear! And then decide what is ONE action you can, and will, take right NOW - no matter how big or small - to make the earth shake a bit and to actually walk in the direction of your hearts longing and desires? Really, that is the key to shape shifting your reality.

I dare you. Do it!

Love ❤️


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