In the name of love


"Your life is not about you. It’s about all the people around you. It’s about all the people you can touch. All the people you can impact. All the people you can influence. All the people you can love and all the people that love you. That’s how you source your life. Live your life like that and watch your life change." 

- David Flood

David Flood sure got this. I get chills and tears watching him teach this message to a room full of youths. Wow, if he is able to get this through to these kids what a contribution for change. And he seems to be able to succeed. 

It's a message for us all. One that is close to my heart and the reason I do what I do; coach, mentor, teach, speak, heal and paramount for the way I live and love. 

I figure his message can be a reminder or maybe an awakener for you too. I'll share more about that down below, but first I invite you to watch and listen to David in action if curious:


Beloved, you MATTER and you have the ability to SERVE. To serve from the heart for the highest good of all. No matter how small or how big your contribution or circle is.


It's in your smile, in your hand's touch, in your eyes and in the energetic vibration you send.

It's in your words, the tonality and emotional vibration of your voice.

It is in your actions, in the way you move, interact and do.

It's in how you LOVE YOURSELF UP in order to feel good in your own skin. So that you then have the strength, emotional, mental and bodily endurance and vibration to also act, SERVE and gift more to your surroundings. 

Your Divine Juicy love power

It's in your fiery Goddess femme power or your strong male Shiva vibration oozing from your pores and being. Yes! Also that.

Why is it that in many cultures we seem to have lost touch with nature as well as the nature of our own inner Divinity? It's like we have given away ownership of our own being, gender and authentic expression. Part of that is we seem to have given away ownership of our sensuality and our ability to open up to allow love and lovemaking to be a vehicle to pass the doorway to a full-on experience of our own Goodliness. Why do we settle for less?

If you've yet to experience this for the first time, why do you stop yourself in the tracks from exploring and CLAIMING what is already a part of you, but clouded, in the dark and sleepy? Not aware, not daring and/or suppressed by the ones in power positions for centuries and centuries and then cemented in invisible social rules and family patterns? 

Just know, you are powerful and a light BEYOND what any of us can comprehend. What happens when we open the door wider and tap in to that a teeny-tiny bit and then start conquering land bit by bit? It seems humanity only touches the edges of our full potential. Still that tapping in to it will blow us all away.

Your divine juicy love power holds the key to what is even hard to describe in words. We are all potential vast power, love and light houses.

Do you get what contribution you really are?

You are part of the equation. Have you understood deep down how important you really are?

You are UNIQUE in all your imperfect perfection. Lovably to yourself and wow, what ability you have to touch others just by your beingness and presence! Yes, it's in your eye, smile, heart, tonality, posture and how you show up in your actions. You are such a gift and CONTRIBUTION to this world. You are! <3

The winner is the being and doing in combo. You are the LIGHT and the CHANGE. In you, for you, for your loved ones, close circle and spreading around the globe with that "butterfly effect".

Allow that fire and longing in your belly, OUT. Let it take space and spread like WILD FIRE around the world. 


It's not egoistic to think about your own wellbeing and to spend time, money and energy on yourself. No, dear Sister and Bro, it's survival and self-love in one mix. How will you be able to soar or do anything without it? You are worth living the best life possible, and by doing so you are also setting the foundation for you being the ultimate gift in service of your outer world. No matter how big or small your transmission or your circle. 

Biz babes hold the key big time

For those of you being - or budding - business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, have you really grasped just how IMPORTANT your work is?

Biz babes, femme empire builders, budding business queens, newbie entrepreneurial women, female leaders of all sorts and walks and equivalent men also walking the entrepreneurial and leadership heart centered route, wakie, wakie. 

Not only is your business an incubator for you taking brave steps to live and manifest your soul-whispers, callings and dreams, your biz is also a means, a tool and a path to be able to gift and serve others with good. What you do touches the lives and actually as well the hearts and souls of your customers, clients, students and followers. Allowing you to spread good vibes and good circles.

It's a choice. Your choice. One you are able to make. Are you?

Do you get how much of a difference you make? Showing up as a role model DARING to walk the entrepreneurial path, leading self and others, and by that inspiring others to do the same. To live dreams and follow callings. And then your services and products having the ability to serve others with good. Paying it forward. One person at a time. 

What if you don't show up? What then? Someone - or many - will miss your particular medicine, your unique vibration, your healing, your light and yes, your loving intention, vibration and presence. 


Not to mention, as a business owner, what a double transformation you are able to tap in to by inviting the possibility to break negative beliefs and patters around money. For many, or maybe most, money is a super loaded topic. How about inviting a breakthrough to be able to BREAK FREE from your MONEY PRISON? 

With a good heart and good intention, there is a full-blown HECK YES, to you then having the choice and the ability to serve even deeper and more lovingly. Having the means to support charity and help to self-help causes, cases and events besides the gifts you already serve through your business.

Tell me, who and what do you desire to be able to support with more financial funds up your sleeve?


Then there is the guilt and shame to address. The guilt some of us feel when tending to our own wellbeing and defining what a good everyday life could look like. You might ask yourself: Am I allowed to have it this good? To have these kinds of things, standards, quality, peeps and beauty in my life? Shouldn't I take care of others first? Self-shaming; am I a bad, selfish or greedy person for desiring these things, environments, circumstances and settings to be part of my life?

There is only one of you

Remember, there is only one of you. And that is a non-renewable resource. Have that on top of mind Sister. Only one of you.

Ask yourself; how can I use myself and my abilities and gifts in the best possible way? 

If your inner light, voice and Goddess is burnt-out, sick, suffering and in victim mode, and she is on her hands and knees crying with no energy, no stamina and no bounce left, the world holds its breath as well. Crying with her subconsciously. Because there is a force, a fire, a soul, a heart, a hand, a light and a vibration missing. 

Life will never be the same

If you have fallen Sister, no matter how hard you land, reach out for help and healing. There is no shame in that. Only love. Love towards yourself as well as allowing others to gift you with their love and support. The circle, flow and completeness of giving and receiving. Seek what has the ability to hold, heal and uplift you. 

Life will never be the same.

However, who is the judge to what is better or worse? My philosophy is that everything is there to teach us something for the better. It has, or I can make of it, a good intention. What are the positive teachings and good intents of some of the hardships you now or recently went through? I challenge you to find it.

In the name of love

Choose to use your hardship experiences and lessons to further deepen you. This instead of choosing to stay stuck in victimhood that might be an initial reaction when thrown in to something unexpected, not wished for and troublesome.

Once out on the other side, how about choosing to let your new found deepening, wisdom and gratitude for it all, be part of your message, service and how you move in the world. Be the vibe that uplifts and transforms. All in the name of love. 





P.S. Are you done holding yourself back? Done letting past story stop you? Done wasting more time? Instead now totally ready, eager and bursting to get started shifting from dream mode in to reality? Pushing the Go button, taking the manifestation route and allowing it to unfold from now on?

I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to be even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing, all while building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you. 

>> I invite you to come co-create and get coached by me. Burn the bridges. Life will never be the same. All in the name of love. Book your FREE Rich Soul Glow Activation Session here ⏩ 

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