Love Yourself Up, Baby!


I’m having a couple of extra pampering days over here at the Head Quarters with a cold lingering. Boosting things up energy and health wise with this tasty beauty; a Blueberry Banana Green Booster Smoothie. Wanna try it? Recipe here:

Blueberry Banana Green Booster Smoothie

1 big or 2 small Bananas
1,5 dl (0,6 cups) Blueberries
2 - 3 sticks of Celery
3 dl (1,2 cups) Kale
3 tablespoons Chia seeds
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 teaspoon Chlorella powder
5 dl (>2 cups) Non-dairy milk
(Almond, Coconut, Rice, Oats e t c)
2 - 3 drops of Ginger Essential Oil (Strengthening for your 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus and Fire Chakra. Thus, strengthening for your personal power, self-esteem and ability to stand strong and act in your outer world)

Please note! For ultimate body and being love; use organic ingredients when possible.

Mix in a blender. Pour in a beautiful glass and enjoy sipping your clean alcalizing energizing smoothie.


Hand on heart, do you listen to your body? Do you stop long enough to tune in to the sensations in your body? What messages is it sending to you?

Ever ponder on what brings energy to your system? Vs what depletes you and robes your body and being of energy?

Are you aware of when your cup begins to be too full, too dull, or maybe even too empty or down right just chipped and wrong?

The polarity of you

Do you have a sense of when there is a need to recharge and bring on more of your Zen? As a contrast to your busy day. No matter how fun and exciting.

There is a much needed interplay between the polarity of action and relaxing. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems both have a finger in the game when it comes to balancing your wellbeing and functioning.


Tell me, in what areas might you be out of alignment? Not in line with what’s dear to your heart and your soul’s calling? We humans are so much more than a body on two legs. We are bodies and beings in one. Souls incarnated or how ever you desire to express that.

it’s Ascension time, babY

Sweet Bee, this is what the massive on-going soul ascension is all about; to be aligned with your highest consciousness and the soul-whispers calling you forward. While at the same time loving your body to tag along for the energetic ride.

Oh, Yes. It’s on. It’s happening. For You. Not to you.

You are here to serve, right? You know it in your bones. Know that the ascension induced shedding and shifting is your birth canal to becoming an even more masterful transformational heart-centered spirited leader, teacher, healer and high priestess.

Energy tools are the bomb

Energy tools and support are the Bomb for the times we live in! They are of the uttermost importance for how to best take care of your holistic wellbeing and for inviting a more smooth ride for your ascension journey. Yes, energy maintenance is more crucial than ever before. It ought to be top of mind for your morning, evening and a number of times in between.

Love yourself up!

Remember, every day and every hour is an opportunity to love yourself up! Sometimes it’s just as simple as a having a green smoothie, a drop or two of essential oil, do a Mindfulness exercise, a Yoga class, meditate, take a walk in nature or reach out for transformational holistic coaching and healing support. Or whatever it might be that speaks to you and have the ability to be the change that makes the change in your life and for your soul-filled business.

So be it!
Consider it done.




P.S. Do you feel drained energetically? Unsure why, what to do and where to go next? Desire support to better handle going through ascension while also up-leveling and running your soul-lit and heart-based business?

I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to be even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing, all while building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you. 

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