It all starts with you my love

Broken flowers


It all begins with one....The power of ONE.

Reflecting back to a Summer's day visiting my friend Bill's funeral and contemplating what it means living as an example. Something Bill portrayed so brilliantly even after his death sending us sitting there in that church room that day a strong message.

Living as an example in to eternity....

Yes, Bill lived as an example of what was his calling and his convictions and gifts to share. Even after his death he was there to teach, love, comfort and share space with us. Knowing the end seemed inevitable soon he had himself chosen the music for his funeral and the closing music was "The Power of One" by Israel Houghton.

"What if it all depended on me
To change the world, to change the world?
What if my only responsibility was
To change the world, change the world?"

I invite you to listen to the song here....and while doing so, let what is longing, needed, crying, whispering, screaming, teasing, laughing and loving in you to be noticed and seen. Just sit with it for a while. What is it that desires to be seen and to come through you? Become aware of it. 


"Please don't close your eyes, please don't turn away
Let your voices rise, put love on display
And make a difference now
I believe you and me can make a difference now
It all begins with one, the power of one
Joining the hundreds of millions of people believing
In one, the power of one
Don't hang around, stand up or sit down and believe
we can change the world together."

And from that place, allow your being and actions to unfold. Allow the next steps of living and sharing your life as a contribution to come in to manifestation. Honouring you, your fellow humans and the existence.

a Love revolution is coming...

In the light of the how the US elections went down last, kids been separated from their parents by the Mexican border, terror attacks at home and away, #metoo, increasing sexual harassment of women and more, I feel a strong calling more than ever, to be a force for good in this world through what I do in my business and how I choose to live and lead my life. At the same time to stand strong and loving for my sisters, girls and women, and the equality and wellbeing of us all. All of us. Around the globe. So be it.

How about you? What are you a stand for?

Remember, it all begins with one....YOU

Ready for the love revolution?
Tell me, what is your love revolution?

Much love <3



P.S. Whether or not you want to start a small or a huge life enhancing love revolution, and you feel a bit lost and are looking for guidance, I invite you to message me to find out how we can work together with me as your coach by your side. Let your business - or other life projects - be the container for you testing and manifesting your dreams while at the same time bringing good to people around you. Vive la révolution, eh? - Message Me >