Meeting an old lover.....what wins; Passion or Fear?


As I was walking home through a beautiful Stockholm during one of those precious last warm Summer nights for this season, The Culture Festival in full swing, people all around and a festive feeling in the air, I stumbled upon my old lover....

There he was, in a big tent close to Café Opera and the Royal Castle, in the middle of all the festivities. I saw him in a distance. Alluring, attractive and energetic. I recognized the feeling. He had escaped me once before. Left me. Or rather, I left him.

But this time….? Would he sweep me off my feet yet again?

I did not know.

I entered the tent. A bit of butterflies of excitement in my stomach. It had been quite a long time since we last met. Gee, would meeting him here and now end on a good note?

He, well, or rather it; my old love, was there just in front of me on the dance floor: West Coast Swing.

Ah, it was great fun to dust off those West Coast Swing dance moves. I found myself staying and dancing for a couple of hours. High on life and glad I remember enough to be doing it. Fun to connect with old dance friends as well.

Life is good when we allow it to flow moment by moment. Being open to saying Yes to opportunities and possibilities even if they take us off the route planned. Like it did for me that night. I actually had other interesting things planned to do when I came home. But I let that go. Instead I gifted myself this unexpected and lovely Summer night of dancing. 

Inquiring minds want to know....
What happens when we apply this to business? Being an entrepreneur and Biz Babe? A leader of self and others?


Hand on heart, Entrepreneurial fellow-beings and Queen Bee Biz Soul Sisters, aren’t we quite often almost too focused on our passions, biz and goals? Our love child.

Desiring to reach further in our pursuit of bringing our gifts and goods out there, at the same time as we might feel hunted to make a living every month? Quite easily working our sanity and health to the ground while seeing the passion and excitement that ignited it all from the beginning start fading. Or working even harder and with more strain since our energy levels have plummeted.

Recognize yourself?

It’s an entrepreneurial edge of Passion and Fear to balance that might be tricky not to fall off from. We often end up being in active mode and do, do, do. Forgetting to nurture the other parts of us, the being that‘s longing to be, be, be.

However, in order to enter the rooms of sacred flow, satisfaction and juicy richness for our biz, money, body, being, womanhood and male ground, we need to take responsibility for being our own caretakers and magic makers.

What then?

Let's remind ourselves - and each other - to stop us in the tracks and to gift ourselves the time and space to regroup, recharge and literally move that body and being of ours. To shake stress and tension out. To let loose, explore life, meet peeps, have fun and play. And Yes, to invite dancing in and through our lives. It's such a brilliant metaphor as well as actual a tangible healthy and life affirming thing to do.

This kind of time-outs and recharging moments are what is called for in order to make space for our inner voice, dreams and for our soul-whispers to catch up and reveal themselves to us. We are not able to see, feel, hear, taste or smell them when running on autopilot and being in heavy action mode with scares breathing space, tensed bodies and overstimulated brains. Not to mention when squeezing more in to our often double and triple booked calendars. It's wonderful with opportunities, but Hey, sometimes enough is enough, right?

Believe me when I say; this is a point in time for expansion, energy shifts, conscious up-leveling, spiritual growth and ascension. You are already on that train, whether you are aware of it or not. These shifts are asking you to become even more soul-aligned. It’s up to you to listen for the clues signaling what that means for you. What are your desires? Calling you to heal, ease and lovingly tend to the ascension ride. It is happening FOR you. Not to you. Let it and yourself to shine and embrace the shadows popping-up along the way to be healed and released.

So, what does it take for you to say Yes and Cheers to more play, flow and dance in YOUR life and biz? Don't burn yourself to the ground by not taking time to recharge and also enjoy and explore life in a more relaxed and laidback way. 

Tell me, what is one – or maybe several – of your old Lovers that you might desire to invite to in to your life again?

….even if it is as innocent as in the form of an old favorite dance like it was for me the other night.

If your hard-wired and worn self can't figure out or grasp what would be that fun and interesting spark to engage in and play with now, look for clues from your past. What used to be fun then?

Remember, self-love and body-love, spills over in to biz-love.

Hey, you, take time and space to support that ascending consciousness of yours and that adrenal fatigued and worn system. Sister and brave brothers, allow your body, brain and being to take brakes and to chill and relax. To chillax. 

You've got one life. It's happening right here and now. 
Yesterday is gone and who knows if tomorrow ever comes? 
And if it does, in what form?

Are you aware and awake?
Or are you sleep walking with head buried in the sand?

The magical question is; are you being your own loving caretaker and magic maker?

If not you, so who?
If not now, so when?

Break that vicious circle of yours.

Allow yourself a different story to unfold. Old Love, new lover or no lover at the moment. What is that thing that will be the difference that actually will make the difference for YOU? Now. What's your ice-breaker?

How about start saying Yes more often to those things that actually make you stop and smell the roses?

Dare to challenge and embrace your fears and invite a streak of passion to fuel and permeate you life and biz adventures. Actually, the one to remember to be the most passionate about is.....You.

Without You, no play, no game, no nothing. 

Not a freaking bloody rose in sight to smell with closed eyes, frozen heart, breath stuck and stiff body.


Love <3



P.S. Are you struggling with not taking time out from your business and perceived responsibilities? Not really giving yourself permission to stop and smell the roses? Sensing like your life is passing by while not really living it and your energy levels dwindling? You might even be struggling with what's called the 21st century's No. 1 disease; Adrenal Fatigue. Having a blur of mixed symptoms of burnout and ascension symptoms and long for another reality to swing by and save you. Well, Sister, this needs to shift. You hold the key. 

I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to being even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing. Building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you. 

>> Is this speaking to you? Well then, If you sense an intuitive pull and a call to work with me as your coach, I am here. I invite you to message me to find out how to make it happen - Message me >

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