On the edge of a breakthrough?


Let this be a day of breakthroughs....

A day of practicing daring to rock the boat and to listen to and act as called by your inner intuitive whispers.

Sister, sweet bee, I see you. Let’s transform what’s ready to be transformed. Even that you’re not aware of yet.

Tell me, what is the sound of you speaking your truth?

How do you use your Throat Chakra? I.e. your 5th Chakra; your energy portal and center for communicating your truth and expressing your creativity in to the world.

Say it like Marisa Peer:
I am enough. Enough I am.

Say it like Matt Kahn:
I am the light. The light I am.

Say it like I say it:
I am love. I am lovable. I am loved.
Love I am. Lovable I am. Loved I am. 
I am worthy. Worthy I am.

Like physical shape and wellbeing naturally takes regular practice, so does spiritual ones. 

Come, make it happen!

Give to the FIRE all that’s standing in your way. 🔥
In body, voice, being, vibration, soul and world of yours.

Let this be a day of breakthroughs.

What are you breaking through?
Letting go of?
Releasing and leaving behind?

....and because of the letting go, what is it that now has got the ability to emerge and take place in the void opening up?

Practice the mantras. Say them out loud. Hum them. Whisper them. See them. Hear them:

I am enough. Enough I am.
I am the light. The light I am.
I am love. I am lovable. I am loved.
Love I am. Lovable I am. Loved I am. 
I am worthy. Worthy I am.

Sing your song. Allow your praise. Also, or foremost from within.

Allow this to be a day to practice daring to express your truth.. A day of transformation.

And...let’s play! 

Yes, let’s invite play! Play opens up increased flow and takes the edge off pressure, stiffness and weight of too much seriousness or performance anxiety.

How can you play with it? How can you include joy, play and juiciness in to this? Invite lightness in to your body and being as you go about this journey of transformation speaking your dreams and intuition nudges and whispers in to actions and manifestations.

Yes, allow this day to be one of breakthroughs and transformations.

Go say.
Go play. 
Go love.
Go be you.
Go do.
Go be.

Go own you enoughness, light, love and worthiness.

Walk in to the fire.
Emerge from the aches. Ascend. Liberated and born anew. 

You ❤️🙏🏻🔥😀


Much love,



P.S. Are you seriously longing to dare to go for a breakthrough? Craving to finally dare to speak your truth? To allow your creativity to be expressed instead of hidden or suppressed? To ease your struggles and to let go of old patterns keeping you stuck in situations, relationships and settings you are painfully aware you've now outgrown?  Are you at a turning point and sense it is time to take some action to shift things in to a more desired direction? 

>> I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to being even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing. Building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you. 

>> If you sense an intuitive pull and a call to work with me as your coach, I invite you to message me here to find out how to make it happen - Message me >

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