You are the diamond in the sky


Figure this; what if expressing your weirdness - or rather UNIQUENESS - is the best thing you can ever do? 

It’s the sublime route to feeling connected, satisfied and fulfilled within. It’s also the best way to attract those people you are supposed to attract. And frankly, ditch the rest.

Yes, really.

Still, so many of us shy away from showing those deeper layers of our true colors in all their glory, perfect imperfection and all. That alluring mix that somehow also undeniably are your very best assets, secret weapon and most appealing - and fulfilling - expression.

Instead we hide.
Ring a bell? 

Let me ask you; who are your people? 

If the people in your circle do not appreciate you and support you when you step out of the ordinary form of the average person, maybe it is time you find a new circle? 

Or maybe you’re overly cautious to be who you genuinely are at core due to childhood trauma and survival patterns? Scared by life experiences. Maybe feeling hurt and damaged by others lashing out at you, acting condescending or, as you perceive it, letting you down? 

What if that is a sign of others actually being jealous of you, your gifts and abilities? Jealous of your courage to express more of who you are and dare to take action towards your interests and dreams? What if others feel even more imprisoned than you do? Having more self-doubt? Not feeling good within? Massively letting themselves down? And this being the trigger for them lashing out at you? 

So, who are your people? And who do you desire to show up as? That is something to ponder upon.

Really, who has got the right to determine how you live your life but you? As long as, in the big scheme of things, your being and doing does not hurt anyone, you are not obligated to fulfill other’s expectations. Nor are they obligated to fulfill yours. Live and let live. 

Free yourself .

Yes, others might, and likely will, get disappointed at times because you do not live up to their expectations. Still, your life is yours to live. Basta. 

What is called for in order for you to BREATH FRESH AIR in to your lungs and being? To fuel your hope and good vibe? To start 2019 on a renewed note? 

How do you start the new year in an enhanced good ENERGETIC VIBRATION that is releasing you and setting you FREE to be and live as your unique AUTHENTIC expression? To be the gift that serves humanity at its highest just by being. Yes, just by being. Whether or not the stage of your beingness is your everyday life or actually on a stage or platform of some sorts. 

Beloved, the biggest life FULFILLMENT will always be to live as an AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION of who you are at CORE.

You are the bomb! 
Live the uniqueness, a. k. a. the GREATNESS, of YOU.

Sounds too much? Too big? Too out there?
Too ridiculous? Too...?


Are you feeling embarrassed or cringing even by the very idea that you would be that special and matter that much? To be allowed to take up that much space and think of yourself as...well, not bad, maybe good, more than OK or great even? Holy Moses! 

Listen, what are your soul-whispers trying to tell you? What is the angst, the scared but still exited butterflies and that fire inside trying to tell you? What are they a message of? What it all comes down to is this; what are you CALLED to do, be and express moving forward? What is the potential as this new year unfolds?

Something bigger is co-creating this dance of life together with you.

We live in a time of rapid energy shifts and consciousness heightening. Who you where and what seemed kind of okey with you 5 years, 2 years or even 6 months ago probably isn't any more. 

It's time to reevaluate. To take stock. To look inwards and then forwards. To open up to letting the NOW be the starting point for your reassessment. Not some old story that has lost its glow and meaning.

You are a piece of ART in TRANSITION.

Reaching different forms, periods and levels of awe, contentment and expansion over time. Staying for a while; satisfied, at ease and resting after the initial bump and threshold having delivered your birth to where you are at. Then the soul-stiring anew calling you forward to where to go next to further unfold and blossom in to even more of the MYSTERY and adventure of your soul and heart. Calling you…HOME.

These times are calling you to TWEAK your direction and let your SOUL be the compass of where you're heading and how you show up in the world.

It might sound odd, unusual and you might feel resistance. Still, deep down you know what I am talking about. It strikes a chord.

Soul-alignment is the missing piece of the puzzle.
It’s the new kid on the block even though ancient and eternal.
It’s the new currency.
The new black.
The DIAMOND in the sky.

So, what if expressing your weirdness - or rather soul-aligned uniqueness - is the best thing you can ever do? For you, peeps around you and this planet.

What if it was possible? What if it IS possible? 

Shake things up. Move your body and being. Let it out. SHINE. Give yourself permission to shine in all your weirdness and UNIQUENESS. It will allow others around you to do the same.

Exhale and take the plunge.

Let this be the time and the year you discover, re-gain and conquer your VOICE and EXPRESSION. So be it.

Hold your head high and wear your CROWN with PRIDE.
Sister, brother, tribe, this is it. Life.

Much love,


P. S. READY? Message me at Facebook if you are ready to rise in to your fullest expression in the new year and desire support to get there. I am here holding sacred space for you.

Get support to find clarity about your soul calling and direction, and then be able to take the necessary steps to manifest it in to reality. In to your life, business and leadership. All while feeling good in your own skin and allowing your feminine radiance, beauty and flow out to play more. It is your time to shine Si-Star!

It’s time to rise, ascend and say good bye to burn out. It’s time to find your steady ground, get nurtured, lit up, turned on by life and step in to embodying your beingness and unique brilliance.

No more dimming your light and holding back out of fear, shame, self-doubt, low self-esteem, shaky self-worth, lack of faith and not knowing how to go about. The time is now. Let’s have a heart to heart chat.

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