Let your inner radiant Femme out to play!

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Power to the Goddess and Femme within and all of her faces! Let her OUT!

Let her out to breath, dance, move, flow, shine, share, cry, scream, laugh, surrender and be the radiant diamond, cut or uncut, polished or unpolished, that she truly is at core. She is....YOU.

Just take a few long deep breaths and open up to connect with her. She is with you at all times. Lurking under the surface. Shielded. Hidden. Forgotten. Dusty. Still, only a few breaths away.

Do you desire to meet her?

For sure?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to finally step out from the shadow of suppression from social, cultural, religious and patriarchal rules and overpowering?

It's so interwoven in our society that we might not even grasp fully how we have been held back and how internalized that has become. How suppressed in to being the good girl, striving for perfection, doing the right thing from start to not disturb, get anger, discontentment, lack of love or even abuse whipping us in to obedience.

How overpowered or afraid for our lives and sanity even, we have felt time and time again holding us back from revolting, and how that still lingers within us and has been passed down for generations. The subconscious holds a wide sea of these memories and patterns. It is looked in to our bodies and minds.

Sister, your body is your temple. The seat of your soul. The home of all your parts; body, mind, feeling, spirit and energy.

Beloved Sister, what do you long for?

Allow your breathing to be the KEY that opens the doorway to connect to your Divinity, your inner Goddess and soul-lit Femme. Meet her through your breath and body. That is a starting point.

Tell me, what is your longing?

Is there a calling within you to be able to exhale, drop your guard, drop your mask, relax, move from constant flight and fight alertness and stress in your system, in to cultivating your courage, your inner strength, boosting your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, self-respect and exhaling in to accepting, embracing and saying Yes to simply be.....You. Her. The Goddess. The Divine being. The radiant soul-lit Femme in all her glory, shades and forms. Without shame.

The heck with shame and shaming. From the outside and from the inside.

Do you know how valuable you are?

Just by being.

Do you?

Sister, do you feel called to let your inner Goddess out to play, contribute to good and be the change? To feel even better in your own skin? To shake off tension, shake your hair wild and free and to shake your hips and body in to flow? To breath ecstasy in to your lungs, womb, heart and being?

There a sense of urgency in the air. To not waste another minute. To not wast yourself, your gifts, what your are here to contribute with. It’s Ascension time and energy and consciousness spikes and calling us to up-level. To thread untravelled territory. The time for shifts and change is now.

The time for conquering yourself and to open yourself up to be, live, share and gift in an even more authentic, true and fulfilling way than before is here. To OWN yourself. The way you show up in life, in your business and as a leader. As a lover, a mistress, a wise sage, a priestess, a healer, a shaman, a guide, a light worker, a body practitioner, a mother, a friend, a sister and a woman. Yes! Yes! Yes!

P. S. Do you desire support to get to know and unleash your inner radiant Femme and Goddess? I am here to hold sacred space for your ascension, empowerment and transformation and have that infuse your entrepreneurial adventure, leadership and path through life.

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