How to light up your existence....

So she danced with it

So she danced with it and allowed it to light up her entire existence.....

When you feel joy, excitement and good vibes, be sure to say Yes to it and allow it to spread and gift also your shadows and tiredness. Those things that you sense are more difficult to sort out or just plain, grey and heavy.

Let the light and the dark dance together.
Let the sparkle of the good spray the grey. 

Picture this; I recall sitting in the backseat of a car travelling with friends from Montreal to New York for an Easter weekend in the Big Apple. Good music on, and me and my friend Hussein sit dancing and grooving to the tune. Silly looking? Probably. But oh, how much fun!

Mind you, I don’t recall most of the other moments of that car ride down to New York. This was also not a period in life where I felt like my most sunny self. I had just been dumped by my Canadian boyfriend, worked loads of overtime in a quite hostile and tough macho work environment and I guess felt the pressure of that even more being in a new country. Still this particular moment of us sit dancing in the backseat of the car has stuck with me. Us in flow and high alive vibe. See, the opportunity is everywhere and just a beat, a rhythm and a smile away. And a choice away.

Being your own care taker, loving best friend and cheer leader, you hold the key to lift things up. To nurture. To feed. Not to suppress heavy feelings or what’s not processed yet. Instead of suppressing, open up.

Yes, open up.

Mixing high energy feelings and physical flow like in this case by dancing, gives room for cracks that enable you to open up further. Open up to what you might ask?

To life. To what might be and what might become. To that place in you that is both the homecoming and the void of endless possibilities. To feel good in your own skin. To witness, embrace and then release the shadows and streaks of grey. To release instead of suppress will allow more light in. 

Are you holding back from dancing? Dancing as a metaphor for allowing yourself to be in flow and open to life? It there is a No; how come? Not used to? Don’t know how? Wonder what others might think and say? Not your style? Afraid of looking silly, stiff or like a fool?

So, what if?

Wakie, wakie. Wake up! The entire world is your dance floor. Your dance floor is everywhere and nowhere. There are a millions spots and sunstreaks to dance in and on. Literally under your feet. 

Wouldn’t you rather sense a smile playing on your lips, lightening your mood, lingering in your hips and awakening your energy than not?

To cultivate positive emotions and flow inside and out is a choice. A conscious choice. Sometime easier said than done. Still, it’s a choice.

Ah, how many times I have wished I could take a picture from the inside to capture the full experience of dancing! The physical, emotional and downright Divine experience of dancing. The one able to invent that kind of camera will be rich. Dancing is such an instant life energy booster.

So, dance with whatever is present here and now and allow it to light up your entire existence.....

BE the light you are seeking.


Much love <3



P.S. Does this speak to you? Are you longing to shift your inner and outer world? Looking for support to make it happen?

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