Crazy moon and hot sun calling you for a release?


Ah, finally it came, the release!

I woke up early early this Sunday morning just before the thunder and the rain hit my corner of the world. Thank you nature forces! I wanted to run out in to the rain, arms and face up towards the sky to celebrate and just soak it in.

Did the rain and release reach you too?

Hot Sun

The last couple of days had an almost unbearable pressing energy and superhot temperature. Apparently the hottest weather in Stockholm, Sweden, in 240 years or so. I love Summer, but the unreleased pressure…Puh, it builds up.

Crazy Moon

Add to this last Friday held the Full Blood Moon Eclipse. Its energy is still with us. Calling to the surface our shadow side; what’s subconscious in our minds and suppressed in our bodies.

Ritual of Release

I celebrated this letting go from nature with a ritual; lightening incense and candles. Using my Yoga kit of essential oils for base, crown and heart and doing yoga. Celebrating the femme side and expression of me. Reflecting on what I am willing to let go of and yet again sensing in my being the fire of my path pulling me forward.

What rituals, tools and ways do you use when wanting to release something? Like right now; the crazy energetic moon and the pressure of the hot sun?

What to let go of?

Tell me, what has emerged for you to shift, shake and release the past few days?

I know for me unexpected feelings of being stuck, small and alone came up. I felt surprised since I’ve been on a roll of flow and momentum lately. However, I knew this current energy portal pointed out yet another layer of shield and old story ready to let go of. Another layer of the never-ending human story and onion to be peeled.

We all have a whole spectra of feelings, thoughts and action habits and mindset games playing havoc with us at times. Other supporting us and lifting us up. Creating positive circles or negative ones. Nothing strange or unusual about that. It just is. It’s human nature.

Sometimes we need to sit with those feelings that might be more than a tad uncomfortable. Remember, what you resist persists. Instead respect and accept what is. That’s not saying we’re staying with it for keeps. But for the time being, embrace it.

You might wonder, what the heck to do then to shift things?

Dance it out!

Well, I am always up for moving the body in order to also move your mind, feelings and soul. So, I am adding a dance video with Swedish singer Agnes here singing "Release Me". So, how about shaking it. Yes, dancing IS literally one tool helping you to get unstuck from the crazy moon and hot sun playing with us at the moment. Here is Agnes. Let the living room floor of yours be the playground for your release: 


What to fill the empty space with?

With release comes void and space to fill. A call to dare to act in line with your longing and desires. To go for manifestation.

Be Soul-Aligned

This is a time of massive soul-alignment. That's what it's all about. Yes. Massive. Huge. Happening now.

What used to be right, OK or quite on point isn’t so any more. Your consciousness level fine tunes and those Soul-Whispers of yours are calling you to step up. Calling you Home. It’s actually a journey of ascension.

Sounds Wo-Wo? Sounds like, what mumbo jumbo is that all about, or?

To Listen

Dear, it’s totally up to you if you choose to listen to those soul-whispers or not. It’s a choice between staying stuck or becoming released and aligned.

Follow your longing.
Follow your calling.
Follow your hunger.
Follow your passion.
Follow your bliss.

In fact, surrender to it.

At the end of the day, at the end of ALL of your days, when you look back and ask yourself; Was it worth it? Was it what I longed for, dreamed of, cried for and craved deep down?

Your opportunitY

Sister, there lay an opportunity for transformation in this dance of massive energy shifts and consciousness up-leveling that this current energy portal holds. Affecting us all.

So, what do you choose?

What are you a witness of, and ready to let go of?

What’s your gut feeling, inner butterflies and soul-whispers calling you to be, do and have? How to live and how to run and lead your business? How to express the women you already are at core but who’s lights might be somewhat dimmed?

Name it and claim it!

Play with it

Times are changing. Hold on and enjoy the energy ride. Why not make the most of it? You get to play. Make it your court to play on.

Yes, it is actually IS allowed to look upon your life as a joyful play. Because at the end of the day, what kind of game do you wish you had played?

It may not be easy at time, but it sure can be intriguing.

What is calling YOU forward?


Massive Love <3



P. S. Do you feel called to get clarity of your path moving forward? And how to go about to actually orchestrate the kind of future, life and biz you long for?

I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to being even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing. Building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you.

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