Fallen Gurus in the Yoga world! Hope it did not happen to you.


How totally sad. I just read online about Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini Yoga Master, that he was one of the Yoga Gurus that sexually misused and harassed women. Also taking advantage of them in other ways in what seems like a cult like power leader way. 

Being a Life Yoga Teacher myself, (i.e. Kundalini Yoga with an added ecumenical and psychological view on yoga and the meeting with people), this is extra saddening. 

Well, not surprising maybe that there is a lot of leaders also in the yoga, personal and spiritual growth sector that have taken advantage of their leader status towards their students and followers. Still, in the light of the #metoo wave spreading over the world, I wonder; 

If not the ones teaching love, act in a loving way; what is wrong? 

How come there are so many, mostly male, leaders that become - or are - so distorted that they engage in such behavior? Blinded by their power and elevated position. Like the legal and social rules don't apply to them. Like they are standing above it and everyone.

Where IS the heart?
Where is the LOVE?

What is lacking that creates such behavior? How can we heal this world? The #metoo movement is shedding the light on this more and more. Women having the courage to let go of self-imposed shaming and daring to speak their truth.

What is the SEED causing these sexual harassment and power games? How can we contribute to nurture other kind of seeds?

I firmly believe, and I say it again and again, we need more FEMALE values and role models outspoken and LIVED in this world. As a contribution to good on a global level.

And of course, we need you, good brothers, to be on this journey with us. Showing up as GOOD EXAMPLES. We are in this pot called life-on-earth together. Let's make it worthwhile and elevating. 

Still, it stands clear to me that we need for us as WOMEN TO FURTHER RAISE our voices, to build our self-worth, self-esteem and self-love. To cultivate our courage to stand strong and stand tall. To set our sound boundaries and to dare to act in a way that is aligned even more with our hearts and soul-whispers. To heal what's been constricting us for generations and thousands of years. 

Not for us women to back down, quiet ourselves, give in and question our minds, capacity, strength, worth and even survival in the presence of a perceived powerful and maybe frightening Guru. A Guru in the form of a life partner, a father, a brother, a neighbor, a co-worker, a manager, a politician or a spiritual leader of some sorts. 

I am convinced that when more women dare to be seen in their full SHINING LIGHT, to take a stand for who they are and what they long for, and live and lead from their own heart, then we will have another society at large. 

To BREAK FREE of the shoulds, demands, models, patterns and rules that others, society, culture and Gurus dictate. Or the ones we think are there. To dare to open the door to the cage and peek out. Step out. Try our wings. All while supporting each other. 

I am a stand for women and sisters starting, running and leading businesses as a way of EMPOWERING and BEING TRUE to themselves. As a way to dare to put LONGING, HEART and SOUL in to manifestation step by step. For us women to be able to see and share our GIFTS as something meaningful to those around. Be it locally or Internationally. And I am totally convinced that the beautiful bi-product of this means a CHANGE in society at large due to FEMALE VALUES and ways of BEING and DOING will spread. 

Let it spread like WILD-FIRE. 

Sister, I SEE YOU. Who you are, what you do and the gifts you share makes a DIFFERENCE. It's the contribution this world so desperately needs. You being you, DARING to take space and be seen and heard WILL have a positive ripple effect. 

Like the butterfly effect, you hold the POTENTIAL for spreading good on this planet beyond what is comprehensible. Yes! So be it. 

Can you feel this vibrating as true and a potential for you too? Feel it in your body, bones and heart? 
If so, I invite you to ponder how you can be the change. 

Guru or no Guru, don't let anyone harass you or boss you around.

You've got it sister, you've got it. 
I belive in YOU.


So much love <3




P. S. I am here to hold sacred space for transformation for women and sisters feeling called to BE the change. To step in to being even more soul-aligned, empowered and vibrant. To feel at home in your own skin and in the world. Uncovering, expanding and expressing the woman inside of you. Tending to your holistic lifestyle and wellbeing. Building, running and leading a blossoming heart-centered business. It all comes together. For the highest good of all and the most fulfilling and beautiful life experience for you. 

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