Dancing as a metaphor for life....


True dance joy! Viva Salsa Cubana! 

This picture illustrates the view that greeted me going to the outdoors dancing at Faelledparken the other evening. Been dusting off my old Salsa and Bachata skills these past Summer days in Copenhagen.

On the dance floor you meet the absolute best. And sometimes the worst. How do you handle that?

The full spectra of feelings

I’ve had some good, great and absolutely wonderful dances. Others less good, and more so-so. However, for sure I’ve had a lot of good laughters too while at it! Been experiencing some feelings of utter joy, aliveness, femininity, sensuality, flow, presence and connection. As well as on the other hand, feelings of rejection, not being chosen, humiliation, being embarrassed, awkwardness and so on. 

Dancing is a MIRROR FOR LIFE

What’s happening on and beside the dance floor is such a mirror for life itself.

No matter the situation and what thoughts and emotional states it triggers, it all comes down to navigating your reactions and having the courage and willingness to see, learn and to choose. Also, to know you are enough, always enough, and to allow that to assist you in choosing and acting.

I surrender

To that, I simple have to surrender and say thank you to my master dance leaders on and off the dance floor. Not only for helping me to improve my dancing, as well as letting loose and be fully alive and expressed in the present moment. There is no better way to be in the here and now! Or? :)

I also say thanks for allowing me to yet again practicing my ability to choose thoughts, emotions and actions. I know that everything happens for a reason. The beautiful, the bad and the ugly. It’s all something to learn from. There is always and opening for my, and our, highest best and highest good around the corner. Our choices are what create our life. It always is, also in those moments when we don’t see it. Yet. Our willingness to see, learn, choose and surrender is what expands us.

That is the merry-go-round of life.

Life is an intriguing play

And Yes, what’s happening on the dance floor is such a mirror and metaphor for life. The interpretations and choices we make and not make. The actions we take and not take. The courage we muster or allow to defeat us.

When, if, how, why and with whom are the questions? Will we ever know? Life is an intriguing play. Playing out literally before our eyes and feet. In high heels, sneakers and anything in-between.

Tell me, what arenas are your mirrors for life? The dance floor? Or somewhere else?

I say, Saludos for making life interesting and let the dancing and aliveness continue!


Love through and to it all <3




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